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Destination: Huaphanh Province

General Information

: In northeast Laos

Total Area
: 16,500 square meters

: 280,000

08 Districts
: Xamneua, Xiengkhor, Viengthong, Viengxay, Huameuang, Xamtay,   Sopbao and Add

: Xamneua

Huaphanh is abundant with natural resources and beautiful scenery. It’s isolation and rugged landscapes led the Lao Peoples’ Party to use Huaphanh as its base during the war years. The province is also famous for its Limestone Mountains and Caves. In fact, more than one hundred caves are located in the area, some of the more well-known of these are mentioned below

Tham Than Souphanouvong Cave

The former residence and hideout of the revolutionary leader and later the President, Souphanouvong. He established the cave as a base in 1964

Tham Than Kaysone Cave

Established as a base and hideout in 1964, this cave became the residence of the revolutionary leader and later the President Kaysone Phomvihane

Tham Than Khamtay Cave

This cave, formerly the revolutionary hideout of current the President, Khamtay Siphandone. It consists of many compartments such as meeting rooms, reception rooms and a research room

Saleu and Nasala villages

Both of these villages well known for the high quality weaving and local handicrafts. Located in Xiengkhor District on Route 6 about 125 kilometers out of Xamneua District. These villages are well worth visiting

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